I always make sure my clients feel relaxed in my home office.  Each session is created around the clients needs - as every single person is a unique version of themselves

My clients vary in age and teenage males have made up a large percentage of my clients lately which is so great to see! 
Stress, anxiety, depression, autism, ADHD, self-love, bullying, anger issues, past trauma, LGBQT, teen issues, trauma, loss, accountability & life coaching etc

NDIS self & plan-managed clients welcome



Mindful Photography has been absolutely life-changing to incorporate into my work with Kids, Teens, NDIS clients & Adults.  By expressing thoughts and emotions through the lens, it has opened up a whole new way for clients to express how they feel without words.  This is my most successful therapy yet.


Mindful Photography sessions can be one-on-one (if requested), Online Courses are a group session.

Twice a year we do a 'Photography Exhibition' at the Bendigo Bank which is on display for a month.

The kids are so proud to showcase their work to family and friends.


Feel as light as a feather with Holistic Arts Therapy & Counselling




A photo of Jackie Hilleger who is a qualified counsellor based in Noosa, Queensland

Jackie Hillegers

My name is Jackie & I am blessed to have created a job working from my home office, as a mental health professional who uses the creative process of art-making to improve and enhance the physical, mental and emotional well-being of my clients. 

I also work on a regular basis with Noosa Council - running Workshops for their 'Connecting Noosa' program, and as a Mindfulness contributor for IN Noosa magazine.

I am married - with 3 beautiful girls & 4 fur-babies :)


Online Mindful Photography Course for Beginners

For age 6 - 18 years

5 wk course


Mindful Photography is about enjoy the creative process, expressing yourself, getting back into nature & being grateful for what we have around us.  A 'must' to improve teens mental health, self-confidence and happiness.

Starts Term 1 -2022

A photo of a camera to illustrate mindful photography courses
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Online Creative Mindful

Photography Course

This course is a step-up from the Beginners Course.  It is about expressing your feelings & emotions through the lens in a calm, creative manner.  Mindful Photography can be used as a healthy way to express how you feel.

 Gift Voucher available for Christmas!

A teenager doing an online photography course
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Online Kids Mindfulness Course

Mindfulness is a much needed tool for children so they can navigate life easier - it teaches them a range of go-to techniques to use when they are feeling anxious, stressed or worried.

This online course is available in January 2022 before the kids start their School year. 


Click on the 'Book' link below to find out more details.

A teenager who is doing some mindful thinking
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2hr Self Portrait + Still Life Photography workshop

For teens aged 13-18 years.

This Workshop is a hands-on, confidence-building Workshop for teenagers who are feeling anxious or just lost in life.  It allows their creativity to flow, their imagination to grow & teaches them how to be more expressive in a group setting.

It will be held at Kin Kin School of

Arts Hall and a date will be set when I have enough 'Expressions of Interest'.  Please click on the 'Enquire' link below .....


A photo of a teenager who is taking a self portrait class in Noosa, Queensland
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Proud to work with ......

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What They Say

Finally found someone who genuinely wants to help you and works around so many barriers that you didn’t even realise were there! There are very few people with this level of kindness - genuine and so easy to communicate with. I have already got so many new ideas to help me relax and hopefully help me to sleep better! I feel like I have known Jackie forever - such an easy going person and so easy to talk to. Thank you so much for everything. 

Kelly ~Facebook Review

Jackie has an amazing calmness and has been so helpful with helping my young foster teens relax and think about their futures and ways to manage their anxiety. I recommend her highly, she is a calming spirit.

Sharon ~Facebook Review

One - One Counselling and Group Therapy Session Information


All online Creative Art Therapy and Counselling sessions are available live via Zoom.  You do not need a Zoom account as I will email you a link which you click on just before the appointed time.  The great thing about an online session is that there is no driving through heavy traffic to make it on time, you do not have to leave your home (which is a bonus when you have children), you don't get wet when it rains.  Adult sessions are mainly after the kids have gone to bed (so you can concentrate) and it is quiet, & finally you can even be on the other side of Australia or in NZ!!  

Just make sure you allow for the time difference if living outside of Queensland or on holiday :)



One-on-one sessions can be booked by contacting me privately on 'lets chat', email, text, or phone.  Sessions can be held at my home office in Tewantin, 4565, Qld or Walk 'n' Talk sessions are popular for teens.  If you would like to meet me first we can catch up over a coffee at the local cafe.  Sessions go for 50-60 minutes and I have a range of different therapies to offer such as Art Therapy, Sand-Tray Therapy, Music Therapy, Meditation, Mindfulness, or Art Journalling.


If there is a subject you would like me to create for a Workshop or Group Session please contact me and we can make it happen!

If there are any 'Up and Coming Workshops' they are usually listed on my Instagram page 'Pheatherine'.  At present I am

pretty booked up so will make sure to offer some when I can.


'Connecting Noosa' is a Council initiative to bring the Community back together after devastating bushfires and Covid-19.  Join one of the free Community Activities or Workshops by clicking on the 'Events Calendar' below.

I am proud to hold regular Workshops each month thanks to Noosa Council!

Connecting Noosa