(Prounounced - Feather-een)

Pheatherine - 'feel as light as a feather'



My Story

I have always been the go-to person that offers a listening ear to people when they reach out for help.  Over the years I noticed that Mental Health in children & teens was increasing - with children as young as 6-years old being diagnosed with anxiety. 


I always had anxiety growing up - thinking the worst case scenario was always going to happen.  I noticed about 5-years ago that my anxiety got worse - I was saying 'yes' to everything and my body was in need of a rest.


  I was setting off my fight 'n' flight mode all the time because my body was thinking I was always in danger due to over-thinking & stress!  To be honest .... I knew nothing about how my body & mind worked, we all have an inner-toolbox that we can access' when our body is feeling out of control. 


I wanted to know more about the body & mind so I educated myself - reading non-stop, completing a Teachers Mindfulness Course & a Diploma in Holistic Integrated Creative Arts Therapy & Counselling.  By incorporating my 30+ years of knowledge as a Professional Photographer I blended all my skills together .... to create my original and unique one-on-one sessions, online courses and group workshops.  My point of difference is - my sessions are relaxed, creative and addictive ..... as well as being healing!   


I can now honestly say that my business is growing each and every day, and I know this is exactly how it feels to be fully blessed with doing what you were meant to do in life!