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art as therapy

To say I obsessed with art is an understatement. Being an introvert (and enjoying my own company) I have been truly blessed to have a creative side. Every present I ever made my Mum and Dad growing up was home-made - from a mosaic clock, to a poem, to a sculpture. My Mum's eyes would light up when I presented her with my gift, and even to this day she still has them (the clock has not worked for 20 years, but has sentimental value).

Even though I was giving people home-made gifts, I was getting something even bigger in return. I couldn't put my finger on it at the time, but it was a sense of giving and a sense of pride. It was the feeling that I had made something original, solely through my thoughts and my hands. I had created something from nothing, by using the materials I had available at the time. I was like a mad scientist - thinking up bigger and better ideas to out-do myself. Heading off in secret I would make a plan, and just go with the flow finding solutions to my trial and errors.

I feel that every single child should have their own 'Creative Box' tucked beneath their bed. A box filled with bits and pieces, unused treasures lying around the house collecting dust, and pretty little sparkly things that catch the light and send orbs onto uninspired wallspaces. A box where when you lift the lid your imagination kicks into gear and your brain changes from auto-pilot to curiosity mode. A box where, when their emotions get to big for them they can open it up in a safe space and create create create.

When I look back on my childhood, I had the most amazing upbringing. I give 100% credit to my parents, but I also give a lot of credit to the ability to express myself in a creative and healthy way. Art was my friend when frustrated, when lonely, when sad and when anxious. It was my exciting place where all those worries melted away and I was surrounded with my present imagination. My wish for the world is that art can increase as a healthy means of healing - so in the meantime I will continue to sprinkle invisible glitter onto all those who need it and maybe one day that glitter will turn into rainbows where they can see a pot of gold at the end.

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