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With Suicide and Mental Health on the increase, our teens need an outlet - they need to feel passionate, creative, and have a sense of purpose in their lives.  As a Holistic Arts Therapist I have found the most successful technique BY FAR is teaching my students 'Mindful Photography' (with a drop of Mindfulness, Self-care & Self-love). 


Mindful Photography is a different way for students to express themselves and it often brings me to tears when I see the smile and sense of satisfaction they feel.  Mindful Photography sessions can be booked weekly for NDIS Self & Plan managed clients - camera and accessories are provided.  Excellent for Children & Teens with Autism!

What is Mindful Photography?

Mindful Photography is when your camera becomes an extension of your mind. 


You can express your feelings and emotions creatively through the lens and it can be like a type of silent expressive therapy for those who are not talkers.  By expressing the meaning behind their photo, they open up to how their photo relates to their feelings. Photography allows you to be in a calm state and keeps you focused (taking your mind off negative thoughts).


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