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Art Therapy

Art Therapy is such an amazing way for people to express themselves! I see people everyday really open up and let all their internal pent-up frustration and anger spill its way onto a blank piece of paper. I see colours flying around - being expressed as emotions, I see silent screams being released through words written by black hard-pressed crayons and I see anger being splashed with paint onto weighed paper only to be obliviated into uneven rainbow confetti and discarded of. There is just something about finding a creative way to release trauma, and feeling the power of helping it make its way slowly out of its internal hiddy hole.

As I sit alongside my clients (supporting them on their journey of healing) my listening ears make them feel calm and heard, I nod in support - a welcome gesture to help them move forward. The past must be revisited and dealt with to enable it to stop having power over you.

When you address your past trauma you face your fears, you release your feelings and your emotions, your unspoken words find their voice and become powerful, and you move forward in a way you never thought you could. Like a snake shedding its unwanted skin, you feel lighter, you realise you are walking away from something that no longer has a hold and no longer serves you. That problem eventually becomes smaller and smaller, a lone figure in the distance, you chose not to let it define you for another day, another hour, another minute.

You deserve to have a healthy mind, a calm mind and a happy mind so why not try Art Therapy today for your own self-love x

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