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Be more like Cats!

Since our grey fluffy bundle of joy came into the world it has been an absolute blast, along with a lot of sleepless nights for myself. Miss 11's life revolves around looking after Storm, who just carries on his day selfishly meowing when he wants something to eat on demand, and always picks the best seat in the house (dirty looks provided when seat is occupied). Completely unconditional love Miss 11 has for this creature - running into the house after school, calling his name and sweeping him up into her arms for an unwanted cuddle and lots of wet kisses.

It makes me so happy to see the love between these two, following each other from room to room, he almost seems interested and smiles as Miss 11 plays the keyboard to her audience of one. It makes me think about what goes through a cats mind on a daily basis? They really only want a few things in their life (as demanding as they are) - food, sleep, pats and for me to open the catflap each time he wants to go to the toilet. I think of how many things WE want in life and I understand where human anxiety and stress comes from!!

Wow ... our brains are wired just so differently! Maybe I should act more like a cat and simplify my needs? Maybe then I could sleep without a care in the world, strut around like I owned the place and only worry about the now instead of the past or the future.

Sure, we have to earn money, but do we really need as much as we think we do? We seem to think we have to work non-stop to stockpile our life savings just in case we live to 100 , & to leave our children and family an inheritance when we pass. Yes it is a hard one, but over the years I have definitely looked at my life differently.

I now choose to have less and enjoy more in life

I choose to work less for my own health

I choose to be home for my kids instead of paying off the mortgage quicker

..... this is definitely not for everyone but it is definitely for me!

I curl up in the favourite chair and relax quietly for 10 minutes before the kids burst through the door. Storm joins me by squeezing into the same chair, and while circling the spot before sitting he somehow manages to push me uncomfortably into the corner. He lifts his entitled neck for a scratch on demand, and I realise that he has everything he could ever ask for in life. I scratch his neck and I smile to myself. That Storm is one cool cat, that loves his simple life and really has his Cat Mindfulness sorted .... down to a tee.

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