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As much as I love my kids and enjoyed the School Holidays, I really felt all the Mindfulness and calmness I had worked so hard on, drain in the final two weeks of the holidays. A combination of teaching my 16-year old to drive, having my youngest daughter start High School, being totally out of routine (with kids starting to become rather feral) I could feel my energy levels deplete to empty.

Girls have now been back at School for two days and I have slowly started to get myself back into a routine, teaching them how to pick up their dirty school socks, that uniforms belong in the wash not the wardrobe floor and lunchboxes do not empty themselves.

This Monday will be when my strict routine begins again - getting up early to go for a walk and set my intentions for the day, meditate, have ME time and work on getting my tense body back into a relaxed state.

If we work on ourselves and replenish our bodies, we are able to pass on our energy and positivity to others. Next holidays I will definitely not let my energy deplete and I will still make an effort to get up early and work on myself daily. I may be teaching my middle child to drive but I will never let myself run on empty again x

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