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Corporate Retreats

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

The biggest growth with my business has been 'Corporate Retreats' and 'Team Building' sessions -both online and in-person. Employers are starting to see the vulnerable side of their employees - realising just how important and fragile people are in these trying times. Bonding & strength buiding makes for a more positive work environment, less sick day & better work ethics.

The most popular Workshop has been 'Mindfulness' with strength building, techniques for stress and anxiety and just learning how to relax. It is time to look around our workplace and forget the pettiness, the competition and the groups we tend to form at work, and really look for signs in each and every person to see how they are coping. Everyone is fighting their own battle and who are we to judge?

The second most popular Workshop being 'Mindful Photography'. Incorporating the present moment, feeling and emotions into this life-changing Workshop. When times are tough we all look for a healthy and enjoyable way to release our stresses. These Workshops use imagination, creativity, nature, expression without words and take us on a journey to open up a whole new world of expression.

Let your boss know today that 'Team Building' is one of the most important things to do for a healthy Workplace environment and you never know - you may just end up getting to know more about the people you work with and make new friends.

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