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Although I live in Queensland, my heart goes out to all those in Victoria and NSW who have gone back into Isolation due to Covid-19 rearing its ugly head again. This can be a very stressful time for families and the one thing you can do is slightly change your mindset to make your Iso-time more manageable.

FIRSTLY - This second wave is something you have no control over, so stressing and being angry about the situation only makes your mental health more prevalent. You just have to accept this has happened, and go with it until further notice! By staying calm, your body is 'repairing instead of wearing' and keeping itself in prime condition.

SECONDLY - Everything is life is temporary so remember - it is not forever! This in fact can be a great time to get a lot of things done on your 'To Do List'. Maybe the 'To Do List' is something you can all do as a family? For example 'Paint the Fence' can be fun instead of a chore. Kids can paint the lower half and adults the top half (of course it may need repainting down below but just don't look as it can be fixed later). You could always just give them water and a paintbrush too! The kids see you working together, getting some Vitamin D and they will always have memories when they look at that fence in the future! Decluttering is something that takes many, many hours so you could dedicate an hour or two to declutter each day. Kids can earn pocket money by putting their unwanted goods on Gumtree.

THIRDLY AND LASTLY - (If there are such words?) Have a routine. It may include a time you facetime friends and family, get kids to help prep for dinner, do yoga online, read a good book, do some art, clean and declutter, reduce to-do list, go for a walk in neighbourhood, plant a vege garden etc etc.

There are so many small things we can do to fill in the day, but the most important thing is to not give up hope and keep your positivity and mental health at an all time high. Your kids are always watching you so setting a good example lowers their anxiety and makes them feel safe and comfortable in their home.

Stay safe and lets all help each other out in these trying times :)

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