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Gratitude Tree

One of the first activities we did on my Holistic Art Therapy Course was to draw and create a gratitude tree. A gratitude tree is a way of positive thinking and increasing thankfulness. We cut out green paper leaves and wrote a different word on each leave that we were grateful for. The more positive thoughts you have - the more you change the way you think.

Once I started writing positive words I couldn't stop, just non-verbal gratification overload. Within 15 minutes my tree went from 'middle of winter' to the 'middle of spring' in full blossom! It is so nice to look back at this tree that sits proudly on the front page of my Art Journal, and show the kids .... not surprisingly none of my words were assets I had accumulate.

So why not try this activity with your kids today .... it is always interesting to see what they are grateful for. Gratitude is not something that we really talk about in day to day life yet is nice to put it on paper and appreciate all we have.

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