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Feeling Grateful

Feeling very grateful today for all those who helped out with the Peregian Bushfires that have been raging all night and heading in multiple directions due to strong winds. The countless hours the firefighters, police and many others spent fighting this massive blaze is a true blessing to the selflessness of humans. We are all capable of helping and looking out for each other and we all need to do it more.

Just a simple coffee with a lonely elderley neighbour, or listening to your teenager instead of talking - these small things mean the world to people who do not speak out and ask for help. I was talking to a friend yesterday who told me how she felt like she had to contact an old School friend who she had not heard from for years. They ended up catching up for a coffee over the weekend and her friend told her she was going to end her life that weekend but by fate she now knew that people do care. One phone-call out of the blue had saved a life.

So today give a thought or a thank you for all those who are making the world a better place by fighting fires, helping others or making any small gesture to say to someone - hey I care! It may just give someone hope to carry on x

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