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Mother Nature is Angry!

Our family was evacuated in Tewantin due to the winds changing direction, and we thankfully only spent one night away with the kids and the cat. My heart goes out to the people who lost their homes and loved ones, the wild animals and pets that perished is just beyond devastating. Maybe it is a wake-up call for us to be a little gentler on this fragile planet, so start making small changes today to your life and always be so very grateful for what you have as it is all just temporary.

My dream would be to see every single tree replanted and more, every single animal recover and replenish their numbers and have large firebreaks created in winter around houses and towns. People have been so generous, loving and kind which has rekindled the human spirit in this time of need. I hope we never forget there is so much we could still do to change this planet ....

Say NO to any plastic whether straws, toys or bags

Stop buying unnecessary products which create clutter

Walk or bus instead of taking the car

Spend time with friends in nature, have a homemade picnic

Take your own water bottle when heading out

Use your phone less and exercise more

Educate others on how to consume less

Re-use, recycle and reduce

Plant trees & create more shade

Leave water out for bees, animals and birds

Grow your own vegetables and fruit

Buy organic from markets or local suppliers

Cut back on your day to day needs and spend more time enjoying what is left of this untouched nature around us before it is too late!

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