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Every year we create a New Year's Resolution or two that we promise to stick to ..... but often fail to do so. Why do we make NYR's every year and why does our lack of motivation get the best of us and we give up?

Firstly, how do you hold yourself accountable in regards to your New Year's Resolution and what are the consequences you make for yourself if your goal is not met? Personally, the way I hold myself accountable for my NYR is by writing on a calendar - a breakdown of achievable mini-steps. If I do not achieve that step by the end of the month, I add it to the following month which means I have twice as much work to do.

For example .... if my goal is to lose 5 pounds then I give myself a reasonable time frame (lose 1 pound per month to achieve my goal. If you do not achieve your monthly goal, write down the reason why, and how you can overcome those obstacles next month.

Just remember that a New Year's Resolution does not have to be something unattainable like becoming a millionaire or winning lotto, it should be something that enriches your life and makes you feel happy.

It is not too late to think of a NYR and stick to it. Make 2024 the year where one small change can have a ripple effect on improving your life overall.

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