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Photography on the Spectrum

One of the things I am most proud of is my Photography Exhibitions for kids on the Autism spectrum. To say children with Autism are great at Photography is an understatement! They really tune into what they are creating, they get into their own world and really focus on the end result. One of my clients (Miss 9), describes photography as "being able to do an activity that I love 'on my own' and feeling proud and happy".

Mindful Photography is when the camera becomes an extension of your mind - you take away all the technical photography techniques and enjoy the creative process more than the end result, it is slowing down our busy lives and focusing more on the present moment - which is mindfulness. Realistically, a camera does not take a photo .... our mind does. The camera is simply there to freeze that moment in time for others to see! Mindful photography gets kids back out into nature, using their creative part of the brain and gets them talking about what their thought process is.

I work mostly with NDIS students either in-person or online and students can start from 6-years of age. Some of my students are now selling their photography work to save up for a camera of their own which is very inspiring. My goal is to show children that anything in life is possible and your dreams are only limited by your imagination.

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