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Pregnancy Calm

I have 3 beautiful children, but if I could rewind the clock I would embrace my pregnancy a lot differently than I did. Studies have shown that stress during pregnancy can affect the baby in different ways such as their temperament, development or irritability.

Meditating 24 years ago was foreign to me, so I was highly stressed throughout my pregnancy without giving a thought to my growing baby. It makes sense that by being calm yourself it can have a soothing effect in the womb, helping you be more aware & bond a lot earlier.

I will be offering some beautiful, calm ONLINE Courses in about July 2020 for 'Pregnant Mumma's'

​which will include - letting go of tension & stress throughout your pregnancy, learning to meditate through birth, embracing Motherhood with a calm mind & being prepared mentally. There will also be a 'Post Baby Course' which will include - Learning techniques on keeping calm & relaxed after baby is born (so your body heals faster), meditating & bonding with bubs, learning how to focus on the now & make bubs feel your calmness.

By bonding more before and after the birth it can help reduce Post-natal Depression and help you better understand how newborn's can pick up on your mood and energy. The main reason I wanted to create these Courses is so you can teach the next generation how important family, love & connection can be x

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