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Sand Play Art Therapy for all ages

Never underestimate the power of Sand tray therapy. This has to be one of my favourite types of therapy sessions with my clients and can yield the biggest results. It is great for adults and teenagers to help express themselves non-verbally, allowing them to explore their emotions at a deeper level.

Sand tray therapists guide the client into finding solutions to their problems, using the sand as a tool for healing. Through creative expression, the client is able to manifest in sand the things they would otherwise not be able to vocalize or address in traditional therapy. The process of sand tray therapy allows the person to find the answers to their problems that deep down they already have the answers too.

Every client I have tried Sand tray therapy with has had great results and has been surprised that a tray of sand can tell so much about a persons life. Let me guide you through a session and see for yourself .......

Each session takes approximately 50 minutes.

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