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Set by Example

Spending time with the kids does not mean going to the park or to McDonalds and spending the whole time scrolling through Facebook on your phone. It makes me sad that you see this all to often - kids talking and parents not listening. Spending time with kids means exactly that. Look them in the eye when they are talking and be fully engaged in their general chitter chatter. Just remember they are only young once so it is so precious to make their years feel important, and be filled with happy bonding memories.

I have definitely been guilty of the the above, but I am now more aware of it and tend to turn my phone off or leave it behind to avoid such distractions. Why is it that we think people need an immediate response to calls or texts? If they haven't heard from you in 5 minutes they feel the need to ring again or text a couple of question marks awaiting response.

How do we change this behaviour and learn it is OK to switch off from the social media for an hour or two and concentrate on what is really important? I guess it is entirely up to ourselves to make these changes - no matter how small or slow .... remember they are still changes.

I have recently been involving the kids in the cooking process. Miss 11 and Miss 15 are very good at barking instructions on what they want to eat, assuming I am at their beckon call. Cooking with the kids is semi-relaxing as they enjoy helping to peel the veges for the soup, or knead the dough for the scones. It is also a good time to get them off social media and engage with them on a personal level. They also learn how to cook for when they leave the nest, so it is a win-win situation.

Make a couple of small changes today to engage, and be more present in their lives ..... remember kids want your presence not your presents.

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