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Stop the Planet I want to get off!

We all live in such a fast-paced World these days that we hardly have time to breathe, let alone fit everything into our busy day. We actually need to STOP, look at why we are so busy and maybe cut back on some of our commitments or plan our day better.

As a Mumma of 3 Girls, I totally get the constant running around with after School activities and work commitments. My youngest daughter plays Rep Soccer plus Club Soccer so a lot of my week is spent at training sessions and game days. My time is precious, so by making a few changes I now have more free time to actually relax or spend quiet time with the kids.

My daily exercise of a brisk walk, can now be incorporated with Soccer Training - walking around the field and surrounding areas for an hour while my daughter trains. I also started ordering Hello Fresh which is delivered to my door & menus can be ordered up to a month beforehand online. I save about $100 a week without buying unnecessary junk food & going to the Supermarket unnecessarily. The kids get to pick & cook one Hello Fresh meal a week as it has step-by-step instructions - win win! I have recently started getting up at 5.30 am in the mornings to have a coffee & chat with Hubby before he goes to work. There are no distractions or interruptions so it is the only time we actually get to talk and communicate. I make the kids lunches before they get up and I have the time to make them look extra appealing and more home-made. I practice Mindfulness in the shower by slowing down my thoughts & concentrating on the here & now .... taking in the smells of the shampoo, the feel of the conditioner running down my back, the sound of the water hitting the tiles. This makes me relaxed & happy, it prepares me for the day ahead in a good mindset.

Just a few small changes like these can make a big difference so why not try it today, it will change your mood & stress levels for a happier Mumma. Watch the domino effect trickle down to your loved ones to create a happy & stress-free home.

... Or you could always walk barefoot on the beach

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