About Pheatherine

(Prounounced - Feather-een)

Pheatherine - 'feel as light as a feather'


This is how I want all my clients to feel after their sessions.

My aim in life is to help others heal & feel content with their lives.


My name is Jackie & I LOVE helping people to get their lives back on track, learn

to be happy in themselves & reduce their anxiety through Mindfulness & Creative Art.

I work from my home office as a Holistic Counsellor and Creative Therapist - mainly with children.

I do regular 2-hr Mindfulness Workshops through the Noosa Council 'Connecting Noosa' program.

I am part of the team and a contributor to Mindfulness articles in the 'IN Noosa' magazine.

I do monthly live radio sessions on Mindfulness with ABC Radio.

You have two paths you can take when feeling down ....

the temporary fix which is drugs, medication, alcohol, over-eating etc or the other

direction is incorporating healthy options into your day to day life - meditation,

mindfulness, exercise, healthy eating, yoga etc.  So take the positive path today, as

the only commitment is your time.

Due to being a Yes person - I completely over-committed myself on a daily basis at

the cost of my health. My body was not functioning due to stress & not looking

after myself.  I couldn't switch my mind off at night and was exhausted with lack

of sleep by the morning.  I taught myself how to control my mind instead of my

mind controlling me.


Diploma of Holistic Integrated Creative Art Therapy - Dip.HICAT (MBEd)

Mindful Photography Teacher - 30 years as a Professional Photographer including

Exhibition work and Magazine contracts.

I have done voluntary Creative Art with some amazing foster kids which

makes me the happiest person in the world to see how much they enjoy their sessions

& have more confidence & love for themselves.

I am a qualified Holistic Counsellor who heals the body, mind and spirit.

I hold a current Blue Card, have 30 years experience as a

Child & Family Photographer & have completed the following 3 courses in Mindfulness:

Mindfulness in Australia Teachers Training - accredited with IMMA (International Mindfulness

& Meditation Alliance) 2019, Mindfulness & Mindfulness Meditation Course 2018 &

Introduction to CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) 2018.

I look forward to working with you soon.

- Jackie H


Finally found someone who genuinely wants to help you and works around so many barriers that you didn’t even realise were there! There are very few people with this level of kindness - genuine and so easy to communicate with. I have already got so many new ideas to help me relax and hopefully help me to sleep better! I feel like I have known Jackie forever - such an easy going person and so easy to talk to. Thank you so much for everything. 
- Review from Kelly on Facebook 

Jackie has an amazing calmness and been so helpful with helping my young foster teens relax and think about there futures and ways to manage their anxiety. I recommend her highly, she is a calming spirit.
- Review from Sharon on Facebook


Photo Copyright - Taken at Noosa Main Beach

All that nature provides for us is sometimes not returned.

If we take more than we are handed then something

has to give, and unfortunately it is the future of our

next generation that must suffer due to our greed.

- Pheatherine