Counselling Services

You have arrived on this page for a reason! Good on YOU for investing in your mental health, in order to seek advice and help you live the best life possible.

Holistic Counselling focuses on the entirety of an individual. When you book Counselling sessions with me, you will not only heal your mind, but also your body and your spirit. In other words - the complete package. You will learn how to self-heal and retrain your mind so you have the tools you need, to help yourself in the future.

General therapy or counselling, can focus more on the psychological aspect rather than the entirety. All forms of counselling are amazing, and it is your personal choice when it comes down to what fit is right for you. 

I believe EVERYONE needs someone to talk to about their thoughts and feelings. You may feel more comfortable speaking to someone you do not have a personal connection with, such as a therapist. It can feel like such a huge release to let go of your worries, as repressing them can lead to overwhelm, illness or anger.

I have helped hundreds of people with art therapy and counselling, and my online sessions can be easily booked online through my website. Past counselling sessions have included anxiety/depression, grief, abuse, relationships, work issues, suicide, and marriage break-ups etc.

As a positivity coach and mindfulness teacher, I can also dramatically shift your perspective towards a deeper understanding of yourself and your place in the world. I can teach you techniques to cultivate your own inner peace, manage your stress effectively, and maintain an emotional balance.

The journey to personal growth and well-being is deeply personal and can vary from one individual to another. Most participants begin to see changes within a few weeks. Remember, the key to lasting transformation is commitment and practice. 

Just remember that investing in yourself is the best investment you can EVER make. There is only one you, and today is the day you put yourself and your wellbeing first.

Click on the link below to book your counselling sessions, and invest in your future.