Inner Art

A 5-week program for people who struggle with their mental health, thoughts and feelings, self-worth and pursuit of happiness.

We all need to understand how we internally work before we can change! 


Our body is a vessel that carries around one's carefully packaged and fragile mind. The body is 'oh so important', BUT requires the guidance and silent whispers of our inner mind to steer it in the right direction. With no instruction book from birth we often wander around wondering ... what is our purpose, why am I overthinking, how do I become happier, where is my instruction guide, and the answers I am looking for?

Inner Art was created from that strong NEED to teach you how to be more in control of yourself, and to make decisions based on how you truly feel. Expressing yourself through art is such an interactive and creative way to improve your mental health.

Are you constantly ignoring your bodies needs?

Do you spend time working on your inner self?

Health, longevity and happiness are way more important than assets and money, yet we often prioritise the latter.

The best investment you can ever make is in YOURSELF.

I am guilty of the above, and put myself last for over forty years. I showed signs of burnout and major anxiety, due to the fact I had never been taught how to monitor my feelings and set boundaries.

Enough was enough! I dedicated the next 4 years of my life finding new ways to change how I felt. Every single day, through trial and error, and self-practice I manoeuvred my way towards a better inner understanding and became the boss of my body and mind.

Once I was in control of my mind, rather than my mind controlling me - everything changed for the better. 

Inner Art is a 5 week program with weekly videos, activities, printable downloads, information and quizzes.

You'll also receive a downloadable copy of the original Inner Art workbook.

The program is self-paced so you can work through it in your own time. It is for all ages and can even be completed as a family. You have access for one year from the date of purchase so there's plenty of time to work your way through.

I strongly encourage you to join this fun and interactive course I have created.

As an art therapist, I have picked the best activities that I think will help YOU to grow and strengthen as a person and support your mental health.

All you need is paper and coloured pens or paints to do the hands-on activities.

The Module Outline

Week 1 - Understanding Your Inner Self

Learn about: 

  • Your inner Toolbox
  • Understanding and Overthinking
  • The Circle of Trust

You'll receive written information about your inner self, printable copy of the entire INNER ART workbook, and a quiz.

Week 2 - Anxiety

Discover more about:

  • Anxiety
  • Anxiety Disorders
  • Art and Anxiety¬†

You'll receive 3 x videos, written information about anxiety, printable downloads and a quiz.

Week 3 - Healing Through Art

We'll explore: 

  • The Emotion of Anger
  • Art and Emotions
  • Up and Down Days

You'll receive 3 x videos, written information, printable downloads and a quiz to work through.

Week 4 - Welcoming Change

Learn all about:

  • Creating Your Own Happiness
  • Creating Joy
  • Making the Change

You'll receive 3 x videos, written information, printable downloads and a quiz.

Week 5 - Checking In On Yourself

The program wraps up with: 

  • Checking in
  • Setting Boundaries
  • Course Conclusion

You'll receive 3 x videos, written information, printable downloads and a quiz to work through.

Art is such a powerful tool and you retain information better with hands-on learning.

Life is always changing and evolving, so rewiring your brain to create better habits ensures you make better decisions in the future.

In Inner Art, you will explore the inner tools you already have (but may not know how to use), learn techniques on how to cope with different emotions, and see how art can be a valuable tool to use on your journey to healing.

Join Inner Art NOW!

5 x modules released weekly

3 x weekly videos

Printable downloads to keep forever

Written information on the topics

A weekly quiz

A copy of the orginal Inner Art Workbook. 



Hi, I'm Jackie Hillegers, Art Therapist & Counsellor

I had anxiety growing up and I was always thinking the worst case scenario in a situation. As an adult my anxiety got worse and I was setting off my fight 'n' flight mode, due to my over-thinking!

I wanted to know more about how my body & mind worked, and how I could reduce my anxiety. I educated myself through books, I completed a Teachers Mindfulness Course & achieved a Diploma in Holistic Integrated Creative Arts Therapy & Counselling. 

By incorporating my 30+ years of knowledge as a Professional Photographer, I blended all my creative skills and knowledge together, to create my business called Pheatherine.

My end vision was to help clients to heal through art as a visual means. To teach others how to reduce their BIG feelings by looking for inner signs in their own body. I hope you'll join me for Inner Art.